The Liberator

'Empower a woman and you empower the whole family.'

"I have a one-year old son who is healthy and happy because he drinks milk daily. My dairy goat has two kid goats and gives me three liters of milk daily. One liter of milk is for my young son and I sell the extra two liters to increase my family income. I feel proud because my child is healthy."

"I used to have no income. Now I make Tsh 45,000 ($35) from milk sales per month and I am expecting more than Tsh 300,000 ($280) of income once I sell the two kid goats in a couple of months. I will use this money to pay secondary school fees for my daughter."

"My goat's name is Mkombozi ('the liberator') because it changed my life from nothing to something. It provides me and my family with of our daily needs of food and money."

These are the words of Sesilia Lazaro of Kambi ya Simba village in Tanzania. She has five children and although she is living with her husband Lazaro, he is unable to work because he is recovering from tuberculosis. Sesilia joined CPAR's Farmer Field School (FFS) program soon after its establishment in Kambi ya Simba.

"I think CPAR should provide a dairy goat to as many women as possible in our village and other villages to change their lives because in our society women don't own anything. Women in our village can be proud because we can contribute something to our family's  needs.. Empower women and empower the whole family."

Dairy goats can really change lives. Young children have the chance to grow up healthy and families can generate more income.

Give a goat to an African family in need.